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CPU-specific & optimized linux-ck packages for Arch Linux featuring Con Kolivas' Brain Fuck Scheduler and CK patchsets!

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 Cat6_vs_Cat5e-SOFA_Statistics_Report.pdf2013-06-28 18:37 84K 
 RPi_htop_compile_times.csv2013-04-05 01:29 1.1K 
 as5_breakin_data_table.csv.gz2014-12-06 05:31 1.5M 
 as5_breakin_log.csv.gz2014-12-05 14:12 1.1M 
 bfs_builds.pdf2011-09-29 22:26 174K 
 cmd.exe2023-05-08 13:27 32K 
 compile_time_optimization.txt.gz2012-12-08 04:16 1.2K 
 cpu_schedulers_compared.pdf2012-10-20 12:37 616K 
 delid_3370K_temp_data.txt.gz2012-07-27 12:19 94K 
 gcc_kernel_results-20130330.txt2013-03-30 07:05 1.8K 
 lrzip.pdf2012-03-17 11:12 92K 
 lrzip_comparison_to_xz.pdf2012-03-18 17:27 498K 
 raw_data.csv2012-10-20 11:51 28K